You'll find few fans of funeral doom (or extreme metal in general) who would argue against the claim that two of 2011's finest releases came from Mournful Congregation and Loss, in the forms of The Book of Kings and Despond, respectively.

Of course, those two bands have connections that date back years -- most notably to the essential (and ultra-rare) Fo(u)r Burials four-way split, which also featured moments of magnificent doom from Otesanek and Orthodox.

Originally issued in 2008, Fo(u)r Burials has been recently remastered by Zack Allen and Patrick Damphier and is being re-released by The Flenser so that fans of Otesanek, Loss, Orthodox and Mournful Congregation can get their hands on these superbly brutal, beautiful tracks.

You will be able to buy the album via The Flenser on December 6th, but until then IO has them here for you to stream at your leisure. Any fans of low, pummeling, painfully beautiful doom will not want to miss adding this to their collection. Also be sure to check out Mournful Congregation's dates for their first ever American tour, which began yesterday in Seattle. You can find more information about the tour here.

--Kelly Kettering

Otesanek - "Seven Are They"

Loss - "(To Pass Away) Death March Toward My Ruin"

Orthodox - "Heritage"

Mournful Congregation - "Left Unspoken"


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