If every metal subgenre had its own table in the middle-school cafeteria, black metal would probably be the too-cool clique that wouldn't let you sit with them. Its slow, drone-like state says to thrash, “We don’t want to be fast like you!” Its drawn-out tracks of 10 minutes or more say to grindcore, "We don’t want to be choppy and short like you!” And its dark, cancerously evil tone says to prog and pop, “We don’t want to have falsetto and wailing guitar solos like you!” That exclusivity is amplified when the music in question comes from France: the really cool kids -- Aosoth, Antaeus, Deathspell Omega, Peste Noire . . . -- don't even sit in the lunchroom. They hang out outside, smoking cigarettes. And no one is cooler than Blut Aus Nord.

In our recent Q&A with the band's frontman Vindsval, he told us about about the band and its newest release, The Desanctification, the second album in the 777 trilogy. Because Vindsval worked as a solo act for a long time, nothing in the band happens without his influence; in fact the latest record is credited solely to him. Blut Aus Nord keeps a very low profile and has very little press coverage as they refuse to take any photos that aren’t for album covers, and they do not play live shows as they consider listening to Blut Aus Nord a “solitary experience”.

Today we are giving away one copy of this new CD, so that you have a chance to embark on a Blut Aus Nord “solitary experience” of your own. To win, tell us in the comments below what element or subgenre of black metal you enjoy the most. The contest will close at midnight on December 20th. You must have a mailing address in the continental United States or Canada to enter.

— Kelly Kettering


Debemur Morti Productions (2xLP, CD)

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