Two recent and bizarre bits of black metal in the popular media (clips below) – the first is Akercocke on Irish BBC TV, in a somewhat hyped “debate” with Christian types. The band isn’t that articulate (hitting the bottle on live TV hardly advances one’s cause), but then again, the whole show is a disorganized, Jerry Springer-esque mess. I thought these kinds of censorship flaps were relics of ’80s America? By the principle of “any publicity is good publicity” (Earache uploaded this), Akercocke wins by simply showing up.

The second is the now-popular clip of Christian black metallers Admonish on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride International.” Not much metal about this, really, though there is an absurd amount of goat-throwing and Lil’ Jon puts the “black” in black metal. Bonus points for brief snippets of Slayer and Method Man. But why does this Swedish band have a Norwegian flag in its rehearsal room? Was the suicide door an ironic black metal joke? And now that that speakers take up the back seat, how will the rest of the band get to gigs?

Akercocke on Irish BBC TV


Admonish on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride”