“Abacinate” is a real word, not just a Slayer lyric. It means to “blind by holding a red-hot metal plate before someone’s eyes.” New Jersey’s Abacinate aren’t quite so painful. In fact, they’re quite pleasant. Ruination (Epitomite, 2008) is a death metal kaleidoscope of Carcass harmonies, Cannibal Corpse pick squeals, Suffocation breakdowns, rising Death licks, and even a snippet of Gothenburg melodies to which I’ll turn a blind eye. The riffs are strong, and the grooves are infectious. One gets the sense the recording session was actually fun. Movie samples help in this regard. They’re not as profuse as with Graf Orlock or Killwhitneydead, but they’re good for a surprise or two. The production is perfect – heavy and steely. I’m not hot on death metal these days, but I’ve been playing this nonstop.

Six and Eight Hard (Nickel Each)
Sadist Misogynist

Ruination is available physically from Abacinate’s MySpace, and digitally from Amazon.

Thanks to Dave Schalek for the recommendation.