Since we're no longer in the giving spirit, we're wrapping up our 6(66) Days of IO Christmas today. Yes, very sad, but we're going out with a bang by giving away a Dressed in Streams prize pack courtesy of Colloquial Sound Recordings. Dressed in Streams released one of the year's best black metal albums (and certainly one of the most unique—DIS plays black metal inspired by WWII-era India) in The Search for Blood, which, along with other goodies, we'll send to one lucky winner.

Copy of Search for Blood cassette, with digital download

Copy of Dressed in Streams compilation CD, a compilation of Dressed in Stream's first two long-sold-out cassette releases

Dressed in Streams longsleeve (pic)

To enter, let us know what's your favorite holiday in the comment section (mine's Flag Day). This contest will run until midnight on Saturday, December 28th, and the winner will be contacted via email. Good luck.

Thanks for joining us for IO's 6(66) days of Christmas—enjoy the time with family this holiday, and if you want things to get interesting or let out some post-Christmas Eve dinner rage, tune in to Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio at 10PM EST (EVR.com) when Scab Casserole hosts a very Scabby Christmas special complete with some fireside Scab storytime and, of course, loads of metal.

— Wyatt Marshall