Scab Casserole and IO editor emeritus Fred Pessaro chatted with John Caution of Weekend Nachos and Dave Bland of Full of Hell last night on the weekly Invisible Oranges show. We announced on air that both bands will be playing the A389 festival in 2014.

The East Village Radio show from last night (9/10) is now available in an archived stream and on the EVMobile app. Head below to see the playlist of some of the tracks from last night's broadcast.

This week we also gave away tickets to see Anathema and Alcest at Gramercy Theatre courtesy of of our EVR show sponsor Live Nation. Tickets are still on sale for that show and other upcoming heavy shows at Gramercy Theatre and Irving Plaza:

Liave Nation shows

Tune in again on September 16th at 10PM ET for the next edition of Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio, another ticket contest included.


Brujeria - "Matando Gueros"
Byfrost - "Eye for an Eye"
Carcass - "Unfit for Human Consumption"
Weekend Nachos - "S.C.A.B."
Weekend Nachos - "Satan Sucker"
Weekend Nachos - "Black Earth"
Weekend Nachos - "Jock Powerviolence"
Exhumed - "Dysmorphic"
Black Sabbath - "Supernaut"
Full of Hell - "Endless Drone"
Full of Hell - "Vessel Deserted"
Sarke - "Walls of Ru"
Brainoil - "Gravity is a Relic"
Graf Orlock - "Couple Seeking Comfort
Carnivore - "Ground Zero Brooklyn"
Gigan - "Mother of Toads"
Gama Bomb - "We Respect you"
Absu - "Of the Dead Who Never Rest in Their Tombs are the Attendants of Familiar Spirits"
The Body - "To Attempt Openness"
Blind to Faith - "Under the Heptagram"
Iron Man - "Hail to the Haze"
Integrity - "Incarnate 365"


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