Song Stream: Slutvomit – “Poservore”

Slutvomit photo

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Slutvomit is a black/thrash band out of Washington state that’s about to release its debut album, Swarming Darkness, on the Irish label Invictus Productions. Judging from “Poservore” and earlier Slutvomit (said it), the album looks to be an absolute blitz. Expect a classic formula of riffed-out, no-nonsense speed that revels in Satanic imagery. It’s catchy as hell, and it packs a serious punch. Add Slutvomit to the likes of Noisem as a band flying the thrash flag in 2013.

Swarming Darkness is out on CD on September 30 with a vinyl treatment at a later date. Listen to “Poservore”–love the name–below.

— Wyatt Marshall

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