Premiere: Convulse – “Unholy War”

Finland’s Convulse called it quits in 1994 after two full-lengths and a few demos, but they reunited last year to play a couple of festivals. Convulse kept it going and, earlier this year, they released their first EP in 19 years, Inner Evil. That was a surprise worthy of a few headbangs, and now Convulse are about to release their third full-length, Evil Prevails. It’ll be another great death metal album in what suddenly feels like, at least around these parts, a whirlwind month of awesome death metal—Carcass released their fabulous Surgical Steel, we streamed new tracks from Obliteration, Prosanctus Inferi, Gigan, Ulcerate and Grave Miasma, and a few lucky souls even got to see Carcass last night at Saint Vitus. Not bad.

Convulse were one of the early Finnish death metal greats, and the time off hasn’t softened their bite. On “Unholy War”, the first track released off of Evil Prevails, we get no-nonsense old-school Scandinavian death metal—production is pretty damn natural, and riffs and growls take center stage in a blitz of a song that grooves, blasts and saves some room for moody contemplation.

A lot of death metal bands have been reuniting after long breaks in recent years. Convulse is one we’re glad to see back.

Listen to “Unholy War” below. Evil Prevails is out on November first on Svart Records.

— Wyatt Marshall