Stream: No Sir – “I Doubt You’ll Ever Swim Again”

California’s No Sir, not to be confused with Boston’s No Sir, I Won’t, is a punk band made of a patchwork of folks from Sabertooth Zombie and Creative Adult. Yet unlike their DNA might suggest, No Sir’s influence from crusty, blood-thirsty punk/hardcore greats like Talk Is Poison to Look Back And Laugh is much more evident. Fierce punk rock is paramount, and breakdowns, posturing and the basic tenets of “hardcore” in 2013 are tertiary or met with outright ambivalence.

No Sir is readying their new LP The Future Is Bright for release on August 13th via Twelve Gauge Records, and have released the video for “C.A.L.I.F.O.R.N.I.A.” viewable below. Today the band releases “I Doubt You’ll Ever Swim Again” to stream for the first time below. Check out both tracks/rage, and preorder the record at the label site.

Fred Pessaro