Exclusive Song Stream: High Priest of Saturn – “Kraken Mare”

By way of Norway, High Priest of Saturn deliver us “Kraken Mare” on their S/T album on Svart Records, coming out on 3/22/13. This stoner jam begs the vision of hooded, bowed creatures slowing marching into a cave from which they’ll never emerge. It opens with the sound of chamber gongs and occult, ritual clapping, graduating into doomy, resonating guitar and drum tones, psych-inflected riffs, and pretty front-forward but creepily-echoed female vocals. “Kraken Mare” is slow and fuzzy but not of the dark, wall-of-mega-heavy fame, as it retains a 60’s -70’s psychedelic atmosphere with buried organ sounds. (I feel like they probably own every Hammer Films VHS and sport some bell-bottoms every now and again). Towards the end of the track there’s a spacey riff that evokes the feeling of sinking underwater to the even more heavily echoed, other-worldly vocals that are almost incomprehensible (in a really good way), and bright cymbal tings to say goodbye.

If you bow before the Church of Electric Wizard and are into heavy, slow pace, memorable riffs, and witchy female vocals such as Acid King, Jucifer, and Windhand, this Norse gem of a jam is right up your mystical alley.

— Kerstin Hern