“Smells Like Sweat” in the Heavy Days in Doomtown

European festival Heavy Days in Doomtown is the focus of the short documentary Smells Like Sweat, out now and available for download and streaming on YouTube. The 20-minute documentary on the Danish festival features appearances both in interview and live from names like Noothgrush, Pilgrim, The Wounded Kings, Bottom Feeder and more.

A fascinating fact abt the documentary is the filmmakers’ staunch devotion to DIY. Dig on their creedo:

We are unknown factor.
We make no-budget films for less than 200$ and volunteering work.
We distribute for free.
We take support in form of buying our merchandise and seeding our movies from thepiratebay.se

Support these filmmakers if you can, and independent film in general. Start by streaming the film below in its entirety.

Heavy Days in Doomtown is now sold-out of four day passes for its 2013 edition, but three day passes are still available. The festival features names like Pagan Altar, Graves at Sea, Cough, Conan, Samothrace, High Priest of Saturn (who have a new song & LP), Moss, Bell Witch, Shadow of The Torturer, Mournful Congregation and many many others. Check out a mix from the festivals below, alongside the documentary.

— Fred Pessaro

— Fred Pessaro