FF/RW #6: The Best of Cassettes

The SVN OKKLT compilation may have been the “blockbuster” tape release of late (we’re still talking cassettes, here), but there have been other labels than Fallen Empire that have been busy churning out incredible releases. There’s a little bit of everything on this FF/RW, from black metal to funeral doom to blackened noise.

Délétère — Inopia et Morbo

Something special has been happening with black metal for some time in Quebec, and Délétère is the latest band to emerge from obscurity, seemingly fully formed in concept and execution, with an impressive demo. Melodic in all the right ways and rich in haunting atmosphere, Délétère should be added to the roster of bands to watch from up north. Inopia et Morbo was released on Les Productions Hérétiques.

ASHtoDUST– Ashtodust

Hectic and noisy black metal-inflected punk (or punk-inflected black metal, if you so choose) with untitled songs that barely break the one-minute mark. This raucous blitz of a demo was released on Fallow Field, a label to keep an eye on.

War of the Roses — S/T

War of the Roses’ experimental take on black metal is often odd, sometimes unsettling. It’s nearly always infectious. It’s fitting that I learned the twisted skeletal remains under a parking lot in central England were confirmed to be those of Richard III during a week when War of the Roses was on heavy rotation.

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Alluring — The Room

Alluring charts new territory for the ever-impressive Colloquial Sound Recordings, bringing funeral doom into a fold that includes Aksumite,A Pregnant Light, and many others. While there’s a respect for the tenants of the genre on Alluring’s two track demo, it’s where Alluring pushes the mold with (relatively) lively guitars and uptempo rhythms that the band really shines.

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Ex Luminaire — Archive II

Ex Luminaire is a little different than what’s been featured on FF/RW in the past, and is less metal, more black noise/drone and, on the rest of the demo, even near-danceable dark electronic. Here is perhaps the most “metal” song on this awesome release, a murky dirge replete with pained screams and howls.

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— Wyatt Marshall