Review: Mordwolf demo

On a recent trip to Minneapolis, I spent some time at the glorious Extreme Noise Records and came across a free demo from Mordwolf, who play a raw form of old-school Swedish death metal (note the Entombed logo font) with incorporated scraps of d-beat hardcore and thrash. While the six tracks share a common aesthetic, Mordwolf manages to distinguish each piece with unique yet consistent songwriting that pulls no bullshit, an editing trait more death metal bands should possess. At the center of each track are great riffs and while still relatively fast, the tempo never rises beyond perfect pit speed. The vocals remind me of early Sepultura and the lead riff on “Before the Rot” sounds suspiciously like “Troops of Doom.” Note: this Mordwolf is not to be confused with the New York band of the same name.

-Aaron Maltz