Review: Cerce -S/T 7″

Despite their application of punk, grind, noise and powerviolence, Cerce (pronounced sert-zay) is most absolutely a hardcore band at heart. On their self-titled and now out-of-print 7”, the Boston band manages to capture the beautiful combination of joy and recklessness that reminds me of long-forgotten basement shows; here’s some fantastic live footage to conveniently illustrate said point (below). Coupled with commanding female-fronted vocals that plead with a youthful immediacy, the 14-minute playing time ends much too quickly but can thankfully be repeated without listener fatigue. And trust me, you’ll have the line, “Let me put this body to rest,” in your head long after it’s screamed. Closer “Fornication” is the album highlight, combining all of the aforementioned elements into one beautiful slab of indignation.

-Aaron Maltz