Defeatist releases discography for pay-what-you-want

Skull-bashing cro-magnon DNA lurks within grindcore, so it is always impressive to see a band that take that propulsive hatred and put an intelligent spin on it. Defeatist was that rare breed, unafraid to blast with the best of them but never staying predictable. Their last show went down in late 2011 at the DIY mecca Death By Audio in their hometown of NYC, and they will be missed (pictures from that show).

If you never caught the Defeatist train or you’d like to relive some of those riffs, the grind trio have posted their discography for the easily accomplished price of whatever-the-hell-you-want. Stream all of that material below and head to Bandcamp to pick up your copy. Vinyl nerds should head to Nerve Altar, who also carries works by Water Torture, Gas Chamber, Sea of Shit and more.

Members of Defeatist, who also previously served in Anodyne, Kalibas and other bands, have gone on to form the jazzy hardcore/grind hybrid Radiation Blackbody. Check them out if the occasion arises.

- Fred Pessaro