Darkthrone pledges to “Leave No Cross Unturned”

Darkthrone jack-of-most-trades and all-around metal guru Fenriz describes album finale “Leave No Cross Unturned” as “1985 twice – 1985 Celtic Frost, then 1985 Agent Steel.” The tune flies by, and as the man himself said, it is a perfect melding of proto-black metal’s thrashy, sepulchral stomp and speed metal’s high energy histrionics, offered up in good faith and wicked humor. His gleefully OTT vocal gymnastics take his usual amiable snarl from a balls-in-a-vice yowl to growling gang vox and more than one gruff, well-placed “ough!” and the song itself, all fourteen-odd minutes of it, ambles along at the speed of a groggy ‘Morbid Tales.’

The rest of the album is just as willfully dated, dusty, and devilish in the best possible way. Darkthrone continue their devolution into the world’s best Manilla Road cover band with ‘The Underground Resistance’ via Peaceville on February 25th.

-Kim Kelly