IO Exclusive Album Stream: Dew-Scented’s “Icarus”

Steve Jobs may have introduced the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad, but Leif Jensen and the rest of Dew-Scented pioneered iMetal: starting with their 1996 debut, Immortelle, each and every album has been given a title starting with the letter “i”. That consistency and familiarity is a hallmark of Dew-Scented’s distinctively European death/thrash attack, and continues on their ninth album, Icarus, due out next Tuesday, July 31st. Blasting drums and ripping guitars bump up against a classically thrash take on societal dissatisfaction, pushing harder and further than you’d expect from a thrash band.

Check out Dew-Scented’s new full-length below; we’ll have it streaming here all week. Use as needed.

— Kelly Kettering

The streaming period for this album has ended.

Dew-Scented – “Hubris”

Dew-Scented – “Sworn To Obey”

Dew-Scented – “Thrown To The Lions”

Dew Scented – “Storm Within”

Dew-Scented – “Gleaming Like Silver”

Dew-Scented – “By My Own Hand”

Dew-Scented – “The Fall of Man”

Dew-Scented – “Reawakening”

Dew-Scented – “Destined To Collapse”

Dew-Scented – “A Final Procession”

Dew-Scented – “Perpetuated”


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