IO Giveaway: Milam Records Prize Pack

‘Black metal. Noise. Limited releases. Anti-Profit. Kvlt.’

These are a few things that Milam Records stands for as outlined by their BandCamp page, and coincidentally they are statutes that aren’t too far off from our own metal vendettas here at IO. Thus, it is with great pleasure that today we are able to put up for grabs two prize packages of the label’s newest releases.

Greed & Rapacity’s Loki Bound, Mare Cognitum’s The Sea Which Has Become Known, and The Widow’s Dhumavati will all be included in a collection of records that conjures tones of the occult. To enter to win, tell us in the comments below about what small-numbered release is most prized in your music collection. TWO winners will be selected by email, each receiving all three albums listed above. The contest will end at midnight on Thursday, May 17th, and as always you must have a mailing address in the US or Canada to enter.

But consider yourself warned: this prize pack contains dangerous amounts of vile Portland black metal. Exercise caution.

— Kelly Kettering


Milam Records (BandCamp)

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Milam Records (CD/Vinyl)

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