IO Album Giveaway: Mutilation Rites’s “Empyrean”

After relentless touring and multiple EP’s, Brooklyn’s Mutilation Rites have developed their melodic black metal to include elements of crust, d-beat, death metal, grind and more — and those influences can be witnessed in the grooves of the band’s quickly forthcoming debut LP, Empyrean, to be released next Tuesday, May 22, on Prosthetic Records.

With influences like Darkthrone, Discharge and Dissection, and art by Reuben Sawyer at Rainbath Visuals to complete the imagery, Empyrean is an economical, unpretentious and hard-hitting work — a strong counterargument to anyone of the belief that Brooklyn black metal lacks those qualities.

To enter to win your copy of Empyrean, tell us in the comments below what Brooklyn metal band you most enjoy, and why. This contest will end at midnight on the album’s release date, Tuesday May 22. You must have a mailing address in the US or Canada to enter.

— Kelly Kettering


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