IO Album Giveaway: Cattle Decapitation’s “Monolith of Inhumanity”

Animal-loving grindcore gods Cattle Decapitation first forged the death-grind high seas back when Atlanta was hosting the summer Olympics. (That’s 1996, for those of you playing along at home.) Over the years, Cattle Decap has dealt with distribution quarrels; when their 2002 album To Serve Man and their 2004 album Humanure were released, both featured album covers that were deemed too graphic for distribution in Europe. (I guess a cow excreting human remains doesn’t digest well for those with sensitive stomachs.)

This tradition is alive and well in 2012 with Monolith of Humanity, the band’s new album, out today. As you can tell from the artwork above and relentlessly pummeling songs such as “Projectile Ovulation” and “Gristle Licker,” which you can hear via the link below, this band is not shying away from timed-0n-a-dime blast beats and vomit-inducing inward vocals anytime soon.

To win your very own copy of the madness that is Monolith of Inhumanity, tell us in the comments below about the most wretchedly disgusting song you have ever heard. This contest will end at midnight on Tuesday, September 15. You must have a mailing address in the US or Canada to enter.

— Kelly Kettering


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