IO Album Giveaway: Borknagar’s “Urd”

Many metalheads associate Norwegian black metal with church arson and murder. But not all TNBM is prone to such dark acts. Filled with broad, over-the-top concepts like philosophy, space and nature, Borknagar brings a melodic and epic viking-influenced element to their black metal that few others in the genre dare to attempt.

Officially released in the U.S. yesterday, Borknagar’s 9th studio album, Urd, has a very literal Earth theme. Before even hearing one track, the sullen faces carved into stone that you see on the album cover evoke imagery of ancient forests, soil and man’s hunter/gatherer connections to the past. (That, and maybe a few flashbacks to elements 2001’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, if you’re anything like me.) For your chance to win a copy of this new record, tell us in the comments below about the album that most evokes thoughts of Earth and/or nature for you. This contest will run until midnight on Tuesday, April 3rd. To be eligible to win, you must have a mailing address in the continental U.S. or Canada.

— Kelly Kettering


Century Media/CM Distro (CD/Vinyl)

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