New Tsjuder music!

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Tsjuder have new music! I have awaited it for a while. 2004’s Desert Northern Hell (cool title!) is one of my favorite black metal records. It’s not post-anything or beard-scratching music. It simply brings the storm.

Judging from “The Daemon Throne”, Tsjuder have brought the storm again. It carries the band’s signatures: speed, power, the defined riffs of thrash. After hearing countless American bands muck about with fuzz, it’s refreshing to hear Europeans bring precision to the attack. Maybe the Norwegians have a third wave black metal revival going on. They have Urgehal, new contenders in The Konsortium, and now Tsjuder back from a five-year hiatus. OK, that’s only three bands – but it’s still interesting to see if the homeland can reclaim its crown.

“The Daemon Throne” is the first song from Legion Helvete, which comes out worldwide October 14, a month from today (October 18 in the US). You can pre-order it in various formats and packages at Season of Mist.

— Cosmo Lee

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