Upcoming metal releases: April 2010

April’s already upon us?! I’m still working through March’s massive selection of releases. April’s isn’t as amazing, though it still holds plenty of interest. (You can view the schedule here. If you don’t know the drill already, select the “Agenda” tab in the upper right, and click on entries to collapse and expand them.)

Prophecy Productions have big releases out by Alcest and Les Discrets. Cathedral’s new album drops on 4/20 (natch). The Ocean have an intriguing new record out called Heliocentric. It’s the first of a two-part concept that will yield another record later this year. You can view a studio teaser here, and a very cool website that presents lyrics and audio clips of all the songs here. On the black metal tip, ATMF have forthcoming releases by An Autumn for Crippled Children, Svarti Loghin, and Nyseius. After the debacle of their last record, 1349 arouse much morbid curiosity with Demonoir on the 27th. You can hear “Atomic Chapel”, a song from it, here.

My three picks for this month are not the usual thing. First is the latest album from Unleashed. It turns out that more of the same is a good thing. This record is subtle, masterful, and powerful. I’ve never paid much attention to Unleashed in the past, but evidently I should rectify this. Second is the latest by 108 on Deathwish, Inc. It’s hotter than a Houston summer in 2050. Finally, Brian Posehn‘s new comedy album on Relapse actually made me laugh. Quite a few times, in fact. Everyone’s favorite metal comedian is still slaying.

As always, the schedule is a work in progress. (I’m still filling in releases from January.) If you have additions or corrections, please submit them in the comments box.

— Cosmo Lee