The Great Kat – Beethoven’s Guitar Shred (DVD)

The Great Kat’s Beethoven Guitar Shred is the most surreal DVD I have ever watched. It contains 11 minutes and nine seconds of content, divided into four sections: “Shred Videos,” “Shred Bonus Features,” “Shred Kartoon,” and “Shred Online.”

“Shred Videos” contains seven videos totaling 7:47 in length. They are a mix of classical pieces and original works. All zip by in a warp-speed frenzy of shredding (on both guitar and violin), cleavage, frizzy hair, fake blood, dominatrix outfits, and low-budget special effects. For a small taste, see the DVD menu above. For links to snippets of all the videos, see here.

“Shred Bonus Features” lasts two minutes and 17 seconds. Its four sections are a hyperspeed photo gallery of The Great Kat (“Hot Shred Bits 2,” 29 seconds); a hyperspeed photo gallery of “Shred Geniuses” (48 seconds), which include Mozart, Hieronymus Bosch, Theodore Roosevelt, and, of course, The Great Kat; a 34-second video of her shredding through Bach’s “The Art of the Fugue”; and 26 seconds of “Shred Credits.”

“Shred Kartoon” is a 45 second-long animated cartoon of The Great Kat playing “Flight of the Bumblebee.”

“Shred Online” is a 20 second-long hyperspeed photo gallery of The Great Kat, with website URL’s superimposed on top.

The sum total is closer to Discordance Axis’ desired effect than Discordance Axis ever got. It is a visual and aural assault of supreme saccadic absurdity. The Great Kat plays grindcore disguised as neoclassical shred, with everything louder and faster than everything else, nuance and phrasing be damned. For years, I wondered why The Great Kat never played in a proper band. This DVD shows why.

- Cosmo Lee

The Great Kat