Metal celebrity sightings

Andy Galeon

I have had only a handful of metal celebrity sightings. Metal celebrity sightings are encounters with metal musicians in “real life” – i.e., outside of shows, interviews, or other contexts in which one would expect to meet them. Musicians one personally knows do not count.

I once walked by Scott Ian of Anthrax in the street in SoHo. He was very short. I did not say anything; I was struck dumb by the fact I had just walked by Scott Ian of Anthrax in the street in SoHo.

At Amoeba Records in Berkeley, I saw Greg Christian of Testament. He was very tall. After he bought a CD, I followed him for half a block like a creepy fanboy. Then I told him, “I’m a big fan,” or something inane like that.

At Amoeba Records in San Francisco, I ran across Andy Galeon of Death Angel. He was wearing a Death Angel hoodie. I said, “Nice hoodie.” He said, “That’s my band.” As if he had to explain. We chatted for a bit about Death Angel.

For some reason, I often see Makoto Mizoguchi (Disembowel, Pyrexia, Hate Eternal (live)) at the post office late at night.

What metal celebrity sightings have you had?